splashofashton asked: okay so like answer if you want but omf my family is taking this beach trip tomorrow and we are going to be outside all freaking day, no wifi, no connection. kill me now. take my mind off of it with possessive/jealous!derek? bYe ily


"Heads up, Derek!" 

Derek frowns and ignores the volleyball the flies right past him, rolling down the shore and towards the ocean. 

"Not cool, man," Isaac says, running past him to rescue the volleyball before it gets lost in the surf. "You were right there, why didn’t you grab the ball?" 

Derek just scowls and looks back down at the book he isn’t reading. 

"Right, that looks totally captivating, Derek. The Life and Times of the Pacific Jellyfish. This is a pack beach trip, it’s supposed to be fun. Why don’t you play volleyball with me and Scott, or—”

"Don’t want to," Derek says, gritting his teeth.

Isaac looks over to where directly in Derek’s line of sight is Stiles and his sandcastle, Danny standing behind him, rubbing sunblock onto Stiles’ shoulders, Stiles groaning with the pressure of Danny’s hands.

Isaac smirks. “Okay, have fun reading,” he says.

"Shut up," Derek says.

Danny is rubbing Stiles’ neck now, whispering something in his ear, lips barely grazing his ear, and whatever he says must be funny because Stiles laughs, that amazing laugh that shakes his whole body with mirth.

 ”Your book is upside down,” Isaac remarks knowingly before he flicks his curls and dashes off to the volleyball court. 

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may I join this party


all i want in life is

  • fast wifi
  • fast metabolism
  • fast food
  • fast shipping

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This five year old girl loses it completely when she realises her little brother is going to grow up.


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In which Stiles is the whole Teen Wolf fandom

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